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Simple, automated, photo gallery


Maggsweb Gallery

Simple, automated, photo gallery

Either leave the default configuration:

$TITLE = 'Gallery';         // Browser title
$DEBUG = false;             // Debug mode On/Off
$GALLERY_ROOT = 'images';   // Root level directory that store images eg: 'photos'
$THUMBS_ROOT = 'thumbs';    // Root level directory '_thumbs'
$RESIZE_IMAGES = true;      // Resize gallery images (requires MAX_IMAGE_SIZE)
$MAX_IMAGE_SIZE = 2000;     // Max width (px) to resize gallery images

..or create an environment specific configuration using by creating a config.php file in the root.

$TITLE is used for the Header and Browser title and in the footer

$DEBUG turns page debugging mode On/Off

$GALLERY_ROOT is the default root directory to store directories of images. The directory name will be used for the Album title and URL link.

$THUMBS_ROOT is used to store the automatically created thumbnails. This directory structure is generated and populated automatically. It will mimic $GALLERY_ROOT and can be deleted at any time.

$RESIZE_IMAGES is a flag that resizes (and overwrites) images inside $GALLERY_ROOT. This setting must be used in conjunction with $MAX_IMAGE_SIZE.

$MAX_IMAGE_SIZE is the maximum width, in pixels, that images will be resized to if $RESIZE_IMAGES is set to true.